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2020 saw Fearless Players teamed up with writing duo and fellow RCS Alumni O'Neill & Savage to create a musical escape room elfstraveganza as part of The Gaiety's Christmas Season.

Christmas 2020 was a huge success, presents were delivered, mince pies were eaten and celebrations went off without a hitch. That was until the post Christmas party was missing an elf! Santa HQ is in trouble! An Elf has fallen through the net and is stranded in a Child’s home. The only thing still working is communication and our elf needs YOUR help to figure out what went wrong. Can you help fix the problem and beam them back to Santa HQ before the whole family realise they have an elf hiding in their Christmas tree awaiting a stealth elf rescue?


The Great Elf Escape is filled with games, jokes and music, where your problem solving skills mean the difference between an elf getting back home, or leaving an elf MIE - Missing in Elfing! 

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