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Once upon a time, by a toon not far from yonder there is a loch...

Away from the cities, the cars and the noise, there is a wee town called Bruachness with a history of being witness to just about every sighting of the Loch Ness Monster ever reported. Despite fleeting glimpses of the creature, Mara – a wee local girl with a passion for nature - is first to actually meet the monster (whose name is Nessa, if you don’t mind, none of this monster malarky).


With temperatures rising, tourism increasing and a plot afoot at the local hydro plant, it’s up to Mara, Nessa and their sea creature friends to keep safe the loch and its inhabitants and, who knows, maybe even figure out where Nessa comes from.


“Nessie” is a story of friendship, danger and of fins, but more importantly of following your heart, because deep underwater, life as you know it disappears and some creatures can inspire both bravery and fear.  

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