Atlantic: A Scottish Story

Is it a curse to stay? What if we couldn't travel, could never leave home and see the world? Can we still be happy? A girl looks across the ocean and longs to discover. But if she is left behind, she must still find a way to live. With a rich, soaring score and dynamic storytelling, Atlantic: A Scottish Story is the first in a unique, two-part collaboration between the prestigious American Music Theatre Project at Northwestern University in Chicago, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and award-winning musical theatre partnership Noisemaker.

Reviews of the Production 

“Musical director Shonagh Murray and the band are a sheer delight with a captivating score.”

- British Theatre Guide

"The original music is truly the star of this show under Shonagh Murray’s musical direction. With deep traditional Scottish influences that characterise the highlands and the ocean, the songs take the audience on a beautiful journey."

- The Outlier Scotland

One woman’s embarrassing journey from child star dreams to inadequate adulthood. Lydia’s 'How (not) To' guide to life, love and success.  How (not) to achieve your dreams, find love and do it with your dignity intact!


Using well known songs from pop, rock and folk genres she weaves together a familiar narrative that anyone who’s ever been a 20-something will relate to. From embarrassing childhood memories to cringe worthy adult attempts at fame and fortune.


A unique, uplifting comedy cabaret that will have anyone who has ever been unsure in their life saying, “Oh I’ve been there!”

Written by Lydia Davidson and produced by Fearless Players Theatre for Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018

Confessions of a Child Star