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A Scottish Musical

Lost Lock Productions

BEAM2018 Showcase

Scottish Youth Theatre 2018 Workshop

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Bridge Week 2017 Workshop

Music and lyrics by

Shonagh Murray

Book by Kirsty Findlay and Naomi Stirrat

Babs is a young woman living in 1992 Glasgow and is studying the Highland Clearances in school. Aggie is a young woman in 1792 and is experiencing the Clearances. As the Poll Tax protests are in full swing, Babs is struggling to focus in school and, with help from her grampa, begins to understand the importance of learning her own history in order to figure out her future. This story is about empowerment and with a rousing score invested in Scottish folk music, it is a reflection of how far women have come in Scottish history and of family ties that can defy the passing of time.

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